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I am once again honored and humbled at the love, support, and generosity from all the contributors to the Because Brothers fundraising efforts—I am also amazed at the straight up athleticism of the female members of this generation of the Rogers family.

It’s hard to believe that this week five years ago, I was gearing up for my fourth round of chemo—and that come October, I will be five years into remission. Five freakin’ years and counting, man! In two weeks I’ll be going back to the Emory Clinic for what may be my last scheduled visit with them for some time—once I get five years out from treatment, they’ll turn me over to my local doctor for routine monitoring at home in Macon. I’m stronger and in better health than at any time probably since my teenage years. I just got tenure at Middle Georgia State College, the Braves are comfortably in first place, and things are going well for me, really, on all fronts of my life.

Duke called me a few weeks ago to verify that Leukemia and Lymphoma Society dollars did reach me personally back in 2008 and 2009 when I was making frequent trips to Emory in Atlanta for treatment and maintenance. They sure did, those dollars, and in chunks large enough to make a genuine difference. Some of the money that Team In Training raises for LLS does indeed make its way directly to patients to help defray the staggering costs of cancer treatment (even with good insurance). More importantly, though, the money that Team In Training raises for the LLS goes to research. In fact, one of the key components of my treatment regimen—maybe the key ingredient, Rituximab—was developed through LLS-funded research. I might not be alive, literally, if it were not for the selfless generosity of all the many people like you, who dig into your pockets even in lean times to join this fight against blood cancers.

I’m a huge fan of Rituximab, LLS, Team In Training, BecauseBrothers, and each and every one of you who contribute or who visit this website to follow our progress! Together we are doing amazing things.

I thank you for your good wishes and support and love you all,


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