In Honor and In Memory of…

This whole cause started when our brother, Chip, was diagnosed with Stage IV Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, and that was the first little grain of sand. The next day Wade passed away. That was like the ax through the heart of our whole family. But the Rogers family confronts tragedy with closeness, support, love and action. So Carroll was the first one to act. She was the closest in age to Wade– his “Irish twin,” and so when the postcard for Team in Training came, she signed up. Why? Because, brothers. Where would she be without them? We were having to learn where, with the death of Wade. We weren’t going to lose another.

Duke connected several years ago with a friend from his high school days, and she and Carrie were quick “Facebook friends.” They have bonded as young mothers through social media and pictures and posts. Last year Jessica Machuga was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and this stuck really close to home for Carrie. Jessica had just had her second and third children (another set of twins!) when she was diagnosed.  When Carrie heard of this, she couldn’t figure out how to help Jessica, with the distance between them. So she checked out the Team in Training website, found a swim, and set a goal. So now on to the next campaign! 2013 Hudson River Swim for Life!

Emmie (twin sister of Carrie) also had a Team in Training postcard show up in her mailbox. She checked yes, I’ll do it, and ran the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon in 2008.  She ran in memory of Granddaddy, Charles Horn, who passed away in 1991. His lymphoma had come out of remission after 20 years. Although we were still young, we spent many summers in Duck, NC with Granny and Granddaddy and at New Tradford Farm in Orange, Virginia, where Granddaddy loved tending to his cattle, riding around on his tractor, and enjoying the quiet solitude of the beach and the farm, as well as time with the family. He was a dignified, caring man, and was always there for his family.

Franny Love was Happy’s twin sister who passed away in 2004 from Multiple Myeloma. She and Happy were inseparable until she ran off from Queens College to marry her lifelong love, Crawford! Happy and Crawford were there for her throughout her battle, including their stay at the Mayo Clinic to receive an experimental stem cell transplant in 2003, which helped her live to the following summer. Had it not been for that, Carrie would never had gotten a chance to meet her aunt-in-law at her wedding, and another twin, cherishes the relationship Happy and Franny had! Franny was so thankful, also, to be there to watch her granddaughter Callae graduate from high school, and without the stem cell treatment, may not have made it to these important life events. When Duke and Carrie were expecting the next year, the name for their firstborn was unanimous: Frances.

Granddaddy had two boys, Carl and Charles. As such a close family (Margaret’s two younger brothers), Carrie and the rest of the Nordt children grew up close to their uncles as well. He is also a lymphoma survivor, and he stays active and is close to his family, as the Horns are all known to do. Carrie and Emmie both run/walk/swim in honor of his remission, and in hopes of a continued bill of health!