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So far, I’ve only had a chance to work out once or twice a week because of work, kids, childcare needs (and Duke has been very helpful in this regard– on Saturdays I disappear for 2+ hours to go swim or swim & bike, and he’s parenting alone & trying to finish up his projects around the house), and so– like a good mom– I feel guilty going in and doing that extra workout. But swim team started this week for Francie, so I’ll try to do laps one night of the week also and a bike in the morning when I can. But the amazing this to me, is that I’m moving faster. Last week my coach timed me and I had a 1:53 (100) pace– which seems slow but when you do that for 1000, 3000, 5000 meters, like in an open-water swim (where my pace is usually faster because there are no walls), that seems pretty good. I am proudest, though, that the triathletes are impressed with me. They think I’m fast. So with all this encouragement, Monday practices are turning into a joy. It feels GOOD to take an hour out of my night to jump in, swim my laps, cheer each other on, and have the camaraderie of a team. It might just be the focused training, but I feel like without a coach telling me, good job, and teammates pushing me a little to keep up, or swim faster, then I am improving. And I am feeling less nervous about the swim. It’s almost July! Before we know it, SEPTEMBER!

Just two short fundraising notes today– My sister-in-law’s work is running this awesome fundraiser where if you want to wear jeans to work on Fridays you pay $2 and it goes toward the fundraiser. She made a little flier and emailed everyone, and so they’re going to see how much they can raise. If you want to do a fundraiser like this, let me know and I’ll send you a flier and a letter for your company. They might even match how much is raised, so check with your HR about that. THANK you!!

Also, if you click on the following link, there is a flier for another fundraiser–Golf, Beer, Eats. For every $10 you donate, you get one raffle entry, and I will put all the names into a random name-picker website, and the winner gets golf for 4 at NC State’s Lonnie Poole golf course, a cooler of beer and dinner for 4 from Green Planet Catering! So if you want to pass the word along about that, please print our flier and let me know, and we can talk about the details.

Thanks to everyone for their support! This is going to be a fun summer of fundraising!!

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