Things I Think About in the Water…

Always on my mind...

Always on my mind…

We are — as I write this post– over SEVENTY PERCENT of the way to our goal!! Woooohoooo! THANK YOU to all our supporters who have come together to make Because Brothers a raving success again this year. I am really happy to be spearheading such a wonderful effort for a cause that means so much to my family and friends. Also, I want to mention our TEAM HEROES Chip Rogers,  my brother-in-law, is still in remission and was given a clean bill of health last week. We will get official word soon on the last of the tests soon, and we are optimistic. And Jessica Machuga, my friend in Maryland who is battling a second bout with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is finishing up testing after her radiation treatment earlier in the summer. We are keeping her in our prayers.

So this week I wanted to do a post that was a “The lighter side of miles and miles of laps.” I have an mp3 player that Duke got for me that I can listen to in the pool, but I don’t use it at swim practice or in the lake. But whether we’re in fresh water, pool water or salt water, swimmers are alone in their thoughts for hours, and that makes it an activity that is kind of exercise AND meditation. I know some people feel like this about yoga or running or whatever, but I feel like swimming is the most meditative sport for me. For someone who talks a lot and lives in a noisy house, I get a lot of benefit from this. But sometimes it’s kind of funny.

So here’s my list of random thoughts!

  • I wonder if anyone has peed in the pool.
  • I hope I can make it through this set without having to pee.
  • What lap am I on?
  • What can I make for dinner in 10 minutes?
  • “Wichaad, der ah no holes in da pool!!” (My dad and my siblings are probably the only ones who will understand this.)
  • What is there was a hole in the pool?
  • Why don’t they use salt pools here instead of chlorine!?!?
  • Is someone in my lane?? Oh, no, that’s just a lane rope.
  • Is someone in my lane?? Oh, no, that’s just the lane marker.
  • Does my swim cap hurt my brain? Am I having delusions?
  • I can’t see through these goggles. Is that someone in my lane? Nope, just a scratch in my goggle.
  • That person next to me is going too fast/stroking sloppy. He’s making wakes and that annoys me.
  • That person next to me is going so slow.  My wakes and are probably annoying them. Speed up, dude!
  • No one should wear a speedo as small as that dude on the deck. That is shameful.
  • No one should wear an American flag speedo. That is ridiculous. Unless you’re in the Olympics, I guess. That’s patriotic.
  • How many more laps do I have to do?
  • Math. ***This is the only time in my day, REALLY, that I choose to add, multiply and subtract. And I am doing it when my body is low on oxygen and tired. I have really done some bad equations when the brain goes to that. Another reason I should not do math (and that includes 2nd grade homework).
  • People I have met through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, how they have impacted my life.
  • I’m glad I am not using my wetsuit.
  • I wish I were in my wetsuit!
  • How is this going to compare to the Hudson?
  • Pretend this is an open-water. Visualize: you are in a lake. Now you are in the ocean. Now a river. Now the English Channel. Next, you are swimming from Cuba to Florida– SHARK!
  • What if there ARE sharks in the river? It HAS happened before.
  • Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe.
  • Kick. Kick. Kick. Don’t forget to kick.
  • Fasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfaster
  • PaceyourselfPaceyourselfPaceyourselfPaceyourselfPaceyourselfPaceyourselfPaceyourselfPaceyourself
  • Am I going to die? How do I do this for 2 miles? Three miles? In an open river?
  • I can’t wait. I can’t wait.
  • Ew. A band aid.
  • A nickel!
  • Ew. Hair. (I have spent literally DAYS looking at the bottoms of pools now!)
  • How many miles have I done..?

I looked up that last one. Sixty-seven miles, since April. Wow. Thanks for all the words of encouragement, and the donations to our cause!

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