Where has the month gone!?

Today is– believe it or not– the first of July. Look down at the bottom right corner of your screen, check after me. Or if you’re reading this in the future, it is after the first, and no way it’s still June. It’s July, and then August will come, and then next September, and the swim. I hope I am working towards a successful swim, but I think I have it under control. Kate, from the NY LLS Chapter, told me if I could compete in the 2.4 mile swims I’ll be okay, so I’m not as nervous, but the idea of crossing the currents has me a little nervous, but I’ll be swimming in the ocean for the next two weeks, so I hope that will give me a better idea of what it feels like.

So the next step is reaching my goal. July has to be a big month for us, so I thought I would give you all a rundown of the ways you can help Because Brothers hit this massive fundraising goal. I think we can do it, but we have to do it together. The key to hitting this goal is for our friends and family want to participate. We have some awesome fundraisers in the work. And you ALL can be involved. So here’s the run-down of what we are working on:

We’re offering this fundraiser for all donations sent in. We’ll keep track, so unlike a traditional raffle where you get tickets, we will email you the number of entries you get after we receive the donation. We are offering one entry per $10 donated, and the winner will receive the following: 1) a 4-pack of tickets for golf at NCSU’s Lonnie Poole Golf Course, 2) A cooler of NC Beer and 3) dinner for 4 from Green Planet Catering. Lonnie Poole offers drinks from the Clubhouse, and you can opt for this instead of the second part of the prize, or save the beer for dinner, and pack some Gatorades for the golf outing. If you want to have your meal as a a picnic at the Raleigh City Farm, Green Planet can arrange this, or you can have it served at your home! And depending on construction at their new project, you might be able to transfer your dinner deal to a new restaurant in the works from the people at Green Planet (keep an eye out on our Facebook for details about the Green Planet arrangements). All donations placed before August 31st will be eligible!

We are currently looking for a theater that will rent us a night to screen this movie, opening in select cities on July 19th. We will hold a one-night engagement in the Raleigh area on a weeknight in August. Stay tuned for more info, and email me at carrie@becausebrothers.com if you want to help reach out to your theater management to arrange a screening. Tickets prices will depend on the arrangements made with the theater.

  • Casual Fridays

Louise Roger’s office is offering Casual Fridays for a donation to the fundraiser. Sound like a fun idea?? Just let me know if you want to offer the same deal, and post a flier (according to your human resources office’s rules).  I will send you a flier to advertise the event!

  • Other fundraisers?

If you want to hold a fundraiser, please let me know. Lots of different organizations have good ideas– so if you have one you’d like to try, LET US KNOW! Thanks for your support!

Happy Fundraising!!